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In #1978 former lead singer of #HaroldMelvinAndTheBlueNotes #TeddyPendergrass plays a midnight “For Women Only” concert at Avery Fisher Hall in New York to promote his album, “#LifeIsASongWorthSinging”.

It’s ladies only in the crowd, and they are treated to white chocolate and lollipops. It proves very popular and more women only shows are held to capitalize on Pendergrass’ appeal to the opposite sex. #TWIMH

In #1984 After a 25-year career, #TinaTurner had her first solo No.1 single in the US with ‘#WhatsLoveGotToDoWithIt’, the second single released from Tina Turner’s fifth solo album Private Dancer.

This song was originally written for Cliff Richard, however the song was rejected. It was then offered to Donna Summer, who has stated she sat with it for a couple of years but never recorded it.

"What’s Love Got to Do with It" became Turner’s most successful single, becoming Turner’s first and only solo number-one hit in America. #TWIMH

#OnThisDay in #2010 #TI and his wife Tameka “#Tiny” Cottle are arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles after police smell marijuana coming from the rapper’s car during a routine traffic stop. The vehicle is searched and the couple are taken to jail on drug charges. Both T.I. and Tiny are later released after posting $10,000 bail. #TWIMH

In #1968 R&B/soul duo #MarvinGaye and #TammiTerrell’s “#YoureAllINeedToGetBy” reaches #1 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Soul Singles chart for five weeks, becoming one of the longest-running number one R&B hits of 1968 and the most successful duet recording of Marvin Gaye’s entire career.

Written by real-life couple Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson, it became one of the few Motown recordings of the 1960s that was not recorded with the familiar “Motown sound”.

Instead, “You’re All I Need to Get By” had a more soulful and gospel-oriented theme surrounding it, that was influenced by the writers, who also sing background vocals on the recording, sharing vocals in a church choir in New York.

The lead vocals were recorded separately by the two singers and combined during the mixing process, reportedly to cut studio time, and give time for Terrell, who was using a wheelchair, to recover from surgery to repair the malignant brain tumor that would ultimately cause her death in 1970. #TWIMH

#OnThisDay in #1994 #RKelly & #Aaliyah (then 15 years old) were allegedly married. A marriage certificate was later discovered, with Aayliah falsely listed as aged 18. The union was apparently annulled by the singer’s parents

It was rumoured that R. Kelly thought he impregnated Aaliyah and the marriage was meant to be a cover-up – the only way R Kelly and his staff believed he could dodge a sex scandal. #TWIMH

#OnThisDay in #1987 #MichaelJackson: The Magic Returns aired on CBS, featuring the seventeen-minute “#Bad” music video. Also today the largest pre-order of albums in the history of CBS Records occurred as 2.25 million copies of Michael Jackson’s seventh studio album ‘Bad’ album were shipped to record stores in the US.

The LP followed the Jackson album, ‘Thriller’, the biggest Jackson-seller of all time (over 35 million copies sold). ‘Bad’ went on to sell over 13 million copies. #TWIMH

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